API Privacy News

These are the news items I've curated in my monitoring of the API space that have some relevance to the API definition conversation and I wanted to include in my research. I'm using all of these links to better understand how the space is testing their APIs, going beyond just monitoring and understand the details of each request and response.

Title Source Visit
Why Startups Need an API (2012-04-21) tune.com
Gogo issues fake security certificates to block in-flight streaming (2015-01-05) gigaom.com
Illinois schools warn parents they might ask for children?s Facebook passwords (2015-01-22) pando.com
Anonymising Data With Open Refine (2015-01-23) blog.ouseful.info
Obama Administration Reverses On Health Care Privacy Problem (2015-01-23) www.huffingtonpost.com
You are in control of your data. (2015-01-28) www.janrain.com
Ryan Howard: the risk and costs of sharing health data (2015-02-14) vator.tv
How much does privacy cost? According to ATT, about $29 (2015-02-16) pandodaily.com.feedsportal.com
Privacy Concerns: 8 Best Practices in Online Data Collection (2015-02-16) blog.loginradius.com
Microsoft Azure: The first cloud computing platform to conform to ISO/IEC 27018, the only international set of privacy controls in the cloud (2015-02-16) azure.microsoft.com
Did GCHQ illegally spy on you? Privacy International will help you find out (2015-02-16) thenextweb.com
Dutch DPA says governments data retention plans still illegal ? The Register (2015-02-16) www.theregister.co.uk
Fail This Smart Breathalyzers Test And It Will Help You Get An Uber (2015-02-17) www.popsci.com
Seattle Privacy Coalition Seattle Privacy Coalition - Individual privacy - Institutional transparency (2015-02-17) www.seattleprivacy.org
Bits Blog: ATT?s Offer: Share Your Data for Personalized Ads, or Pay More (2015-02-18) bits.blogs.nytimes.com
Bits Blog: ATT?s Offer: Share Your Data for Personalized Ads, or Pay More (2015-02-18) bits.blogs.nytimes.com
Microsoft adopts first international cloud privacy standard - Microsoft on the Issues (2015-02-18) blogs.microsoft.com
The Right to Be Forgotten, the Privilege to Be Remembered | Re/code (2015-02-20) www.recode.net
The right to record is not a question of technology, but rather power and policy - TechRepublic (2015-02-21) www.techrepublic.com
Report claims Facebook runs afoul of Belgian privacy laws (2015-02-23) pandodaily.com.feedsportal.com
Facebook?s privacy policy breaches European law, says watchdog (2015-02-23) thenextweb.com
How to Respect User Privacy Intentions While Still Gaining Insight from Human Data (2015-02-23) blog.datasift.com
This company wants to use drones to track your location through WiFi (2015-02-24) pando.com
ATT Charging Customers to Not Spy on Them (2015-02-24) www.schneier.com
Bits Blog: Privacy Group Files F.T.C. Complaint Against Samsung?s Voice-Operated TVs (2015-02-25) bits.blogs.nytimes.com
Looking back- our year in open data and privacy work (2015-02-25) personal-data.okfn.org
Bits Blog: Privacy Group Files F.T.C. Complaint Against Samsung?s Voice-Operated TVs (2015-02-25) bits.blogs.nytimes.com
Twitter is making it easier to report abuse on its service (2015-02-26) thenextweb.com
Safe Browsing and Google Analytics: Keeping More Users Safe, Together (2015-02-26) googleonlinesecurity.blogspot.com
White House Proposes Broad Consumer Data Privacy Bill (2015-02-27) www.nytimes.com
White House Proposes Broad Consumer Data Privacy Bill (2015-02-27) www.nytimes.com
Updating the Skype Privacy Statement (2015-02-27) blogs.skype.com
Here?s a draft of the consumer privacy ?Bill of Rights? act Obama wants to pass (2015-02-27) gigaom.com
White House privacy bill not tough enough (2015-03-02) disruptiveviews.com
Is your data anonymous or just encrypted? (2015-03-02) disruptiveviews.com
The History of Data Privacy in Social Data and its Milestones | Datasift Blog (2015-03-02) blog.datasift.com
ATT?s privacy plan may be short-lived and may not even be as bad as we think (2015-03-03) gigaom.com
KIPP New Jersey Talks School Data at OpenGov Hack Night (2015-03-05) www.smartchicagocollaborative.org
As the ?quantified self? industry explodes, who will control the data ? us or them? (2015-03-06) pando.com
Face sculptures using DNA from chewed gum (2015-03-06) flowingdata.com
Data and Goliaths Big Idea (2015-03-06) www.schneier.com
Germany pushes for widespread end-to-end email encryption (2015-03-09) gigaom.com
IBM Bluemix Dedicated to your data privacy (2015-03-09) archive.thoughtsoncloud.com
Violating an Employer?s Computer Use Restriction Is Not a Federal Crime (2015-03-09) www.eff.org
Most people are happy to share their personal health data with advertisers (2015-03-10) www.businessinsider.com
The Seven Principles of Human Data Privacy (2015-03-11) blog.datasift.com
Learning Apps Outstrip School Oversight, and Loss of Student Privacy Is Among the Risks (2015-03-11) www.nytimes.com
FTC Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Dutch Agency On Privacy Enforcement Cooperation (2015-03-11) www.ftc.gov
Privacy ? step on the road to trust? (2015-03-12) disruptiveviews.com
Data privacy and the business of the internet (2015-03-12) stream.withknown.com
Your Info Is As Safe With Us As It Is With Your Bank (2015-03-12) blog.teamsnap.com
Wyden: Cybersecurity Bill Lacks Privacy Protections, Doesn?t Secure Networks (2015-03-12) www.wyden.senate.gov
Internet carriers may be breaching Canadian privacy laws (2015-03-12) ww1.rss2twi.com
Get your privacy policy down to one page: AVG CEO throws glove down ?... (2015-03-13) www.theregister.co.uk
Google Apps bug revealed names, addresses, and other data about almost 300K people (2015-03-13) pandodaily.com.feedsportal.com
German Startup Campaigns For Personal Data API Law | TechCrunch (2015-03-14) techcrunch.com
Americans? Privacy Strategies Post-Snowden (2015-03-16) www.pewinternet.org
User Profile Data: Marketing Gold at the End of the Rainbow (2015-03-16) blog.loginradius.com
Healthcare Security/Privacy: What is MHD beyond XDS-on-FHIR? (2015-03-16) healthcaresecprivacy.blogspot.com
UR seeks identities of Yik Yak users (2015-03-17) www.democratandchronicle.com
Privacy Advocates Warn the New Cybersecurity Bill Compromises User Data (2015-03-20) www.adweek.com
Understanding Digital Intelligence and the Norms That Might Govern It (2015-03-21) www.cigionline.org
The new definition of privacy (2015-03-21) www.dailydot.com
After going bankrupt selling gadgets, RadioShack will now sell customer data (2015-03-24) pandodaily.com.feedsportal.com
RadioShack is selling tens of millions of email and home addresses (2015-03-24) www.theverge.com
RadioShack might auction off personal info about millions of customers (2015-03-24) www.businessinsider.com
We know where you?ve been: Ars acquires 4.6M license plate scans from the cops (2015-03-24) arstechnica.com
Manila Principles | Manila Principles (2015-03-24) www.manilaprinciples.org
Amazon EMR Now Supports Amazon S3 Client-Side Encryption (2015-03-25) aws.amazon.com
Australians advised how to beat data retention laws (2015-03-25) www.smh.com.au
What do your mobile apps tell third parties? (2015-03-26) www.futurity.org
Google Announces Safe Browsing API (2015-03-26) www.programmableweb.com
Spy cell towers: A new service is hunting for you (2015-03-26) venturebeat.com
The Heart of the Matter: I can?t access the data generated by my implanted defibrillator. That?s absurd. (2015-03-26) www.slate.com
Australia outlaws warrant canaries (2015-03-26) boingboing.net
The Monsanto Privacy Model? Monsanto and Farmer Organizations May be Forging New Path to Data Cooperation (2015-03-27) www.huffingtonpost.com
Google loses bid to stop UK consumers from suing over alleged privacy violations (2015-03-27) thenextweb.com
How citizens and investigative journalists handle privacy protection (2015-03-27) www.pewresearch.org
Former Homeland Security head tells Pando why he doesn?t trust his fitness data to the cloud (2015-03-28) pando.com
People First, Privacy First at F8 and Beyond: Facebook and DataSift?s Shared Privacy Focus (2015-03-30) blog.datasift.com
Ancestry.com Reconstructs Genomes Of 19th-Century Couples Using Customers DNA (2015-03-30) www.popsci.com
Privacy Is Becoming a Premium Service (2015-04-01) www.slate.com
Snapchat finally atones for its spotty privacy record, taking steps to be more secure and transparent (2015-04-02) pando.com
Future Trends in Privacy Activism That Could Affect Big Data (2015-04-02) blog.datasift.com
Google must fight a lawsuit claiming Google Wallet breached user privacy (2015-04-02) thenextweb.com
?Do Not Track? won?t stop tech companies from tracking you, so who cares that Microsoft disabled it? (2015-04-03) pando.com
Facebook suggests more privacy tips for keeping user accounts secure (2015-04-03) www.zdnet.com
In Targeting the Lucrative Hispanic Market on Mobile, Location Data Is Key (2015-04-06) streetfightmag.com
Bits Blog: F.C.C. Fines ATT $25 Million for Privacy Breach (2015-04-08) rss.nytimes.com
Lawsuits in Chicago and Vienna challenge Facebook?s data practices (2015-04-09) pandodaily.com.feedsportal.com
Techniques to Anonymize Human Data (2015-04-09) blog.datasift.com
Improve Your Internet Privacy In 15 Minutes (2015-04-13) www.huffingtonpost.com
Two Thoughtful Essays on the Future of Privacy (2015-04-14) www.schneier.com
Why some Americans have not changed their privacy and security behaviors (2015-04-14) www.pewresearch.org
Permissions API for the Web (2015-04-15) updates.html5rocks.com
Yelp Prevails in Fight to Protect Consumer Privacy but Virginia Still Has Work to Do (2015-04-16) officialblog.yelp.com
Twitter updates privacy policy for non-US accounts, moving jurisdiction to Ireland (2015-04-17) thenextweb.com
Securing The Internet of Things: Privacy, Data and Device Control (2015-04-20) konekt.io
Baltimore police have used secret cellphone interceptors more than 25,000 times (2015-04-20) rss2twi.com
Examining The Right to be Forgotten (2015-04-23) blog.datasift.com
Office 365 Management Activity API Aids Transactions Visibility (2015-04-23) www.programmableweb.com
New Tech to Watch: Automated Vehicle Occupancy Detection (2015-04-27) www.eff.org
Facebook Kills Friends Data API Over User Privacy Concerns (2015-04-28) www.programmableweb.com
GamingTechLaw Data protection issues and eHealth (2015-04-28) www.gamingtechlaw.com
Three Common Mistakes Companies Make with Their Privacy Policies (2015-04-29) blog.datasift.com
Franchising a Student Digital Privacy Law (2015-04-29) bits.blogs.nytimes.com
Private.me API Opens Data Privacy Platform for Businesses (2015-04-30) www.programmableweb.com
How to Make Sure Your Marketing Strategy is Privacy-Compliant (2015-04-30) www.callfire.com
BlazeMeter Adds Mobile Recorder for Application Testing (2015-05-01) www.programmableweb.com
White House backs student data privacy bill (2015-05-01) thehill.com
The feds are rethinking how they use technology to track cell phone calls (2015-05-04) www.businessinsider.com
The data backlash: Privacy (2015-05-04) www.scmagazine.com
Integrate Ghost Inspector with Slack (2015-05-04) ghostinspector.com
A federal court just dealt a potentially huge blow to cellphone privacy (2015-05-05) www.businessinsider.com
Protect your privacy online with 70% off the VPN Unlimited Premium Plan (2015-05-05) thenextweb.com
Tor closes its Amazon-powered cloud service that let users donate bandwidth for anonymous browsing (2015-05-08) venturebeat.com
Apple Intervening in RadioShack Sale to Protect Customer Data (2015-05-14) www.imore.com
Internet of Things industry questioned by privacy regulator! (2015-05-15) iotlaw.net
Keynote: I CANT LET YOU DO THAT DAVE: why the opposite of "free" is "slave" - YouTube (2015-05-15) www.youtube.com
?FTCs take on the RadioShack customer data appropriate (for now) (2015-05-18) www.zdnet.com
FTC asks court to protect consumer information in RadioShack bankruptcy sale (2015-05-18) venturebeat.com
What Happens to Your Data When You Monitor Your Personal Fitness (2015-05-18) www.huffingtonpost.com
Real Time Video Anonymizer (2015-05-19) hackaday.com
Bankruptcy Judge Approves Sale of RadioShack Name and Data (2015-05-20) rss.nytimes.com
What Can a Privacy-First Approach Do for Your Business? (2015-05-20) blog.datasift.com
Americans? Views on Privacy and Security (2015-05-20) www.pewinternet.org
Epic denies liability in Coast Guard health-data privacy shortcomings (2015-05-20) venturebeat.com
The Importance of Offense and Defense When It Comes to the Privacy of Data (2015-05-21) blog.datasift.com
Germany sues e-commerce sites for sharing data with Facebook (2015-05-22) pando.com
The Plight of Protecting Consumer Information (2015-05-22) www.securenet.com
Security vs privacy ? deadlock in Congress (2015-05-22) disruptiveviews.com
Which Students Get to Have Privacy? (2015-05-22) medium.com
Discovery of Medical Records in the Age of HIPAA Protections (2015-05-22) www.newyorklawjournal.com
Android M Likely to Include Fingerprint Scanner Support (2015-05-24) cdanews.com
Open source policies show commitment to student data privacy (2015-05-25) opensource.com
Got a wearable? Almost anybody can track you using simple technology (2015-05-26) pando.com
Skype summoned for failure to share call data (2015-05-26) disruptiveviews.com
Hackers could use malware to track subway riders? whereabouts (2015-05-26) thenextweb.com
White House Presses for Deal on Phone Data Bill (2015-05-27) www.nytimes.com
Hiding Smartphone Photo Location Information (2015-05-27) www.nytimes.com
Social media apps are tracking your location in shocking detail (FB) (2015-05-28) www.businessinsider.com
Google streamlines privacy, security, account management (2015-06-01) www.zdnet.com
Google launches a central hub for your security and privacy settings (2015-06-01) thenextweb.com
Google streamlines privacy tools, but consumers probably won?t change anything (2015-06-01) pando.com
Google shows what it knows about us in new privacy hub (2015-06-01) www.theverge.com
Facebook and Googles new privacy announcements may seem huge but they still have a ways to go (2015-06-02) www.businessinsider.com
Apple CEO Tim Cook castigates Silicon Valley rivals over privacy, and he?s right (2015-06-02) thenextweb.com
Tim Cook Delivers Speech on Encryption and Privacy (2015-06-02) techcrunch.com
Let?s not tell parents their children?s privacy means nothing (2015-06-02) pando.com
On Apple?s Privacy Argument Regarding Cloud Services (2015-06-03) www.theverge.com
Tim Cook Just Threw Down on Data Privacy, And It Was Awesome (2015-06-03) susanetlinger.com
As it Happens, You Can Put a Price on Privacy (2015-06-04) www.huffingtonpost.com
Tim Cook has sent a powerful warning to the US government (AAPL) (2015-06-06) uk.businessinsider.com
The Online Privacy Lie Is Unraveling (2015-06-07) techcrunch.com
Apple shows convenience doesn?t always undermine privacy (2015-06-08) pando.com
FERPA Compliance in the AWS Cloud (2015-06-08) blogs.aws.amazon.com
Bits Blog: European Cloud Companies Play Up Privacy Credentials (2015-06-09) bits.blogs.nytimes.com
Policing Privacy in the Age of Surveillance (2015-06-11) www.huffingtonpost.com
Setting the Privacy Status for a Video (2015-06-12) support.brightcove.com
Privacy and Data Security (2015-06-12) blogs.aws.amazon.com
Privacy advocates quit facial-recognition group in protest (2015-06-15) www.theverge.com
Social ID Provider Rules for API-Transferred User Information (2015-06-15) janrain.com
Mystery Show Debunks License Plate Privacy Myth (2015-06-15) www.eff.org
Microsoft just made a huge privacy move to make Bing more competitive with Google and Yahoo (MSFT) (2015-06-16) www.businessinsider.com
Corporations Want to Follow Your Every Move, Whether You Like It Or Not (2015-06-16) www.motherjones.com
Research on The Trade-off Between Free Services and Personal Data (2015-06-17) www.schneier.com
Who Has Your Back? Government Data Requests 2015 | Electronic Frontier Foundation (2015-06-17) www.eff.org
Facebook Moments not coming to Europe because of privacy concerns (2015-06-18) thenextweb.com
Privacy advocates are calling for Facebook to be more transparent about what it censors (FB) (2015-06-18) www.businessinsider.com
A Framework to Control and Visualize Your Privacy (2015-06-19) www.openi-ict.eu
Uber Data Collection Changes Should Be Barred, Privacy Group Urges (2015-06-22) www.nytimes.com
Low-Tech Ways You Can Protect Your Privacy Online (2015-06-23) www.huffingtonpost.com
Google Chrome Listening In To Your Room Shows The Importance Of Privacy Defense In Depth (2015-06-23) www.privateinternetaccess.com
Apple to protect user data from misuse in iOS 9 (2015-06-24) www.weijieworld.com
Myfox Introduces Security Camera With Worlds First Privacy Shutter (2015-06-24) www.saherald.co.za
Optimize Mobile Marketing ? Respecting Users Privacy (2015-06-24) www.openi-ict.eu
Two Quick Tips for Protecting Consumer Privacy in the ?Space Age? (2015-06-25) www.gigya.com
Apple rolling out a new policy restricting advertisers from obtaining app download data (2015-06-25) economictimes.indiatimes.com
The Trust Imperative: A Framework for Ethical Data Use (2015-06-25) susanetlinger.com
Facebook vs. Europe ? privacy, ethics, and tech innovation (2015-06-25) venturebeat.com
The Privacy Implications of Mobile Sensor Networks (2015-06-26) opensignal.com
When a Company Is Put Up for Sale, in Many Cases, Your Personal Data Is, Too (2015-06-28) www.nytimes.com
Apple to improve user privacy ? advertisers won?t be happy (2015-06-30) disruptiveviews.com
Help save domain privacy (2015-06-30) opensrs.com
Why Medical Identity Theft Is Rising And How To Protect Yourself (2015-07-01) www.forbes.com
Watch out for this incredibly easy way that rental cars can intercept your smartphone data (2015-07-06) www.businessinsider.com
What Brands Can Learn From Pinterest?s Privacy Updates (2015-07-07) susanetlinger.com
Crittercism Announces New European Data Privacy Option (2015-07-08) www.crittercism.com
More on Ancestry.coms Privacy Policy (2015-07-09) www.huffingtonpost.com
Backed By Tim Draper, DataWallet Pays Users To Share Their Online Data With Businesses (2015-07-10) techcrunch.com
EFF: Formation documents and mission statement for the EFF (2015-07-10) w2.eff.org
This Baltimore data privacy case could be heading to the US Supreme Court (2015-08-10) technical.ly
Delaware Governor Signs Internet Privacy, Safety Package into Law (2015-08-11) www.govtech.com
MasterCard and Nymi say they?ve completed the first heartbeat-authenticated mobile payment in the wild (2015-08-12) venturebeat.com
Myfox Home Security Cameras Protect Your Privacy (2015-08-13) www.channelpronetwork.com
New Whitepaper: CJIS Compliance on AWS (2015-08-13) blogs.aws.amazon.com
Are we building a data ?genome?? (2015-08-13) susanetlinger.com
Can big databases be kept both anonymous and useful? (2015-08-15) www.economist.com
Facebook API Could Potentially be Used by Hackers to Harvest Users? Personal Data (2015-08-18) www.programmableweb.com
UK wants to create world?s largest honeypot of centralised personal financial data (2015-08-18) arstechnica.co.uk
Data stolen from Ashley Madison posted online (2015-08-18) www.zdnet.com
A chart made from the leaked Ashley Madison data reveals which states in the US like to cheat the most (2015-08-20) www.businessinsider.com
What are we actually doing about personal data in the IoT? (2015-08-24) disruptiveviews.com
Privacy no longer exists and it hasn?t for some time (2015-08-24) disruptiveviews.com
Microsofts Vague New Privacy Terms, Explained (2015-08-25) www.huffingtonpost.com
Why everyone must play a part in improving IoE privacy (2015-08-25) enterprisersproject.com
Regaining Control of Our Data with User-Managed Access (2015-08-29) www.windley.com
Regaining Control of Our Data with User-Managed Access (2015-08-29) www.windley.com
OpenUMA Product Page - User-Managed Access - ForgeRock (2015-08-29) forgerock.org
Updates to our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy (2015-09-01) www.zendesk.com
Uber trip information appears in Google search results after riders share their ETA publicly (2015-09-03) www.businessinsider.com
Spotify has updated the language of its new privacy policy so that everyone understands it (2015-09-04) www.businessinsider.com
First Library to Support Tor Anonymous Internet Browsing Effort Stops After DHS Email - ProPublica (2015-09-10) www.propublica.org
LotusFlare keeps an eye on your data (2015-09-11) disruptiveviews.com
Against Notice Skepticism In Privacy (And Elsewhere) (2015-09-12) papers.ssrn.com
No, The IoT does not need strong privacy and security to flourish (2015-09-25) radar.oreilly.com
The USPS mishandled private info taken during mail surveillance (2015-09-26) www.theverge.com
A Taxonomy of Privacy - ORG Wiki (2015-09-26) wiki.openrightsgroup.org
AWS Obtains ISO 27018 Privacy Certification (2015-10-16) blogs.aws.amazon.com
US proposal aims to regulate car privacy, make hacks illegal | Network World (2015-10-16) www.networkworld.com
When Your Identity Can Be Used Against You? (2015-10-18) blog.ouseful.info
Cybersecurity Bill Could Put More Personal Data in Government Hands (2015-10-22) www.motherjones.com
Balancing Personalization and Privacy (2015-10-22) www.urbanairship.com
Idaho man sues U.S. government over personnel data hack (2015-10-24) venturebeat.com
The Hacked Data Broker? Be Very Afraid (2015-11-28) www.wsj.com
Breaking News on EFF Victory: Appeals Court Holds that Email Privacy Protected by Fourth Amendment | Electronic Frontier Foundation (2015-12-14) www.eff.org
Do friends give your data to third-party apps? (2015-12-15) www.futurity.org
E.U. Expected to Approve Tough New Data Protection Rules (2015-12-15) www.nytimes.com
A HIV-Positive Dating App Leaked 5,000 Users Data (2015-12-16) www.buzzfeed.com
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (2015-12-19) www.privacyrights.org
Organized Sports and Privacy (2015-12-22) www.privacyrights.org
Uber fined just $20,000 for spying on users in God View (2016-01-06) thenextweb.com
New privacy-focused search engine promises to never sell or store your data (2016-01-06) thenextweb.com
Improving Privacy by Rethinking Architecture (2016-01-06) scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org
With personal data, are you a Processor or Controller? (2016-01-11) disruptiveviews.com
New Jersey Says Releasing Dolphins Autopsy Would Infringe Its Privacy [Updated] (2016-01-11) motherboard.vice.com
The 2016 Privacy Papers for Policymakers (2016-01-12) www.tune.com
The Internet of Things that Talks About You Behind Your Back (2016-01-13) www.schneier.com
US Spy Chiefs Personal Accounts Hacked (2016-01-13) www.securityweek.com
You are not what you read: librarians purge user data to protect privacy (2016-01-13) www.theguardian.com
Privacy and Information Sharing (2016-01-14) www.pewinternet.org
Americans want privacy at home, but are more open to surveillance at work (2016-01-14) www.theverge.com
Privacy and Information Sharing: Scenarios (2016-01-14) www.pewinternet.org
Americans are wary about IoT privacy (2016-01-15) www.businessinsider.com
FTC apologizes for leaking attendee details ? to privacy conference (2016-01-15) m.theregister.co.uk
European Antitrust Chief Takes Swipe at Privacy Issue (2016-01-17) www.nytimes.com
Neura raises $11 million to create digital identities from consumers? connected lives (2016-01-18) venturebeat.com
Israeli Neura raises $11M to bring privacy back to IoT (2016-01-18) www.geektime.com
The state of privacy in America: What we learned (2016-01-20) www.pewresearch.org
FCC urged to review privacy protection for broadband users (2016-01-20) disruptiveviews.com
Maximizing User-Generated Content with Respect to User Privacy (2016-01-20) janrain.com
The ACLU and lawmakers just made a huge push for digital privacy (2016-01-20) www.theverge.com
The Internet of Things sucks: Nest leaked home addresses (2016-01-20) thenextweb.com
State Lawmakers Create Coalition To Overhaul Digital Privacy Laws (2016-01-20) techcrunch.com
Nest confirms its smart thermostat quietly leaked user data (2016-01-22) mashable.com
Why Do We Expose Ourselves? (2016-01-23) theintercept.com
Internet of Things security is so bad, there?s a search engine for sleeping kids (2016-01-23) arstechnica.com
Skype Now Hides Your Internet Address (2016-01-25) krebsonsecurity.com
Uber accidentally exposed one drivers personal tax information and social security number (2016-01-25) www.businessinsider.com
Uber?s using gyrometer and accelerometer data from smartphones to verify user feedback (2016-01-26) venturebeat.com
St. Lukes Hospital reports possible data breach involving patients info (2016-01-26) www.recordonline.com
6 Ways Hackers Can Monetize Your Life (2016-01-27) www.huffingtonpost.com
The Rising Sophistication of Network Scanning (2016-01-27) netpatterns.blogspot.co.uk
International Data Privacy: How to Navigate the Challenges (2016-01-27) www.whitecase.com
New York Department of Consumer Affairs investigates connected baby monitor hacks (2016-01-28) thenextweb.com
The transatlantic data deadline in danger (2016-01-28) disruptiveviews.com
Copyright as Privacy, #Privacy as #Copyright (2016-01-29) www.netopia.eu
Oklahoma university to track Fitbit activity on all incoming freshmen (2016-02-01) www.dailydot.com
Cybersecurity In Postmarket Medical Devices: New Guidance From The FDA (2016-02-01) www.jdsupra.com
(2016-02-02) www.businessinsider.com
At Berkeley, a New Digital Privacy Protest (2016-02-02) www.nytimes.com
Balancing post-conviction data and privacy (2016-02-02) sunlightfoundation.com
EU and U.S agree on data pact ? safe harbour sails home (2016-02-02) disruptiveviews.com
The Cost of Non-Compliance: Putting a Price on Privacy (2016-02-02) www.gigya.com
Auto trackers not worth car insurance discounts, most say (2016-02-02) www.pewinternet.org
Christian University Requiring Students to Use Fitbits Says It Won?t Track Sex (2016-02-02) motherboard.vice.com
European Privacy Regulators Want Details on ?Safe Harbor? Data Deal (2016-02-03) www.nytimes.com
EU-US Data Privacy: Is it time to consider keeping your EU customer data exclusively in Europe? (2016-02-05) www.apteligent.com
Tracking Anonymous Web Users (2016-02-05) www.schneier.com
EU-US Data Privacy: Is it time to consider keeping your EU customer data exclusively in Europe? (2016-02-05) www.crittercism.com
From Safe Harbor to Privacy Shield (2016-02-06) www.constellationr.com
The Perception of Privacy and Security on the Internet (2016-02-09) dzone.com
Google starts scrubbing to soothe European privacy regulators (2016-02-10) disruptiveviews.com
ATT Does Not Care about Your Privacy (2016-02-10) www.schneier.com
Make Privacy a 2016 Election Issue (2016-02-11) www.schneier.com
California Student Records to be Disclosed in Ongoing Lawsuit (2016-02-12) www.privacyrights.org
Sensitive California School Students Information to be Released (2016-02-12) www.privacyrights.org
Insights to Catch Healthcare Fraud and Protect the Privacy of Patient Information (2016-02-16) blogs.splunk.com
Should the Authorities Be Able to Access Your iPhone? (2016-02-17) www.nytimes.com
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